Precision Alignment

If you are looking for Utah’s best alignment service, you can now find Butch and the Precision Alignment crew (formerly co-located at the Knuckle Bashers facility) at:


American and Foreign Garage
6767 S. 400 W.
Midvale UT.

Employing state of the art technology, including a Hunter HawkEye Elite laser alignment system, Precision Alignment ensures your vehicle is performing at it’s peak, and tire life is maximized.

Precision Alignment, Knuckle Bashers Inc.

Precision Alignment also uses a Hunter GSP 9700 balancing machine, which balances the wheel while under simulated road force.  This machine allows measurement and compensation for variations in wheel and tire tolerances; clocking the tire onto the wheel for the optimal total geometric solution.

Precision Alignment, Knuckle Bashers Inc.

Our specialty is custom and high performance vehicles – for complex alignment needs, we are able to set the vehicle up to customer provided specifications.


Precision Alignment, Knuckle Bashers Inc.

A high performance alignment combined with road force balance is a total solution: you will feel the difference.

For custom alignment work, you can contact Precision Alignment directly:


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Precision Alignment is an automotive suspension and alignment shop, specializing in high performance and custom work.
6767 S. 400 W.
Midvale, UT
Phone: 801-232-4109

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